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ELC3 Review I decided to review the work called P.o.E.M.M aka. Poetry for Excitable [Mobile] Media, by Jason Edward and Bruno Nadeau. It is meant to be viewed on an interactive touch screen devices big or small. It cannot be produced on a normal medium like print, because of how it was developed to be immersive, engaging and stimulating. How it works is that there is a screen with a mass of floating letters and when the reader touches the screen and drags their finger and words slowly float to the line left behind by the finger putting together a sentence. When the reader releases then the words dissipate. The effect it has on the reader is that it draws them in by forcing them to use not only their eyes, but their hands as well. Because the words slowly pop up it makes the reader slow down and engage making the interaction very calm and relaxing. I also believe that the darkness of the background and white words really help to emphasis its message by keeping the reader in a bubble that focuses on the words and drowns out distractions. : Neocities.


As a writer I love writing because of its creativity and capabilities to allow a person to world build something that while it’s still fiction becomes real like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and so on. I love to write as a hobby and have posted on sites to be read. When I write I prefer to write action, adventure, and romance. As a writer I focus on a specific character in a way that is meant to try and develop them and their relationships through various obstacles. I’m really into character development and the psychology of what makes a character because that to me makes them real, relatable, and intriguing. One of my greatest inspirations for writing characters like this is Avatar the Last Airbender because of how much psychology and philosophy is ingrained within each of those characters. As a writer within digital media my first experience was publishing on a site called Fanfiction. It was simple I copy pasted my work from my documents into the site and then Published with some minor edits in formatting. This class was the first time I really got to see different verities of digital media aside from the basic ones we knew. The challenges I had were through the website and e-Book. The website I struggled to comprehend HTML because I’ve never had to work with it the way we did. The e-book because I struggled with editing and adding a photo. I had the most fun with Twine, I had to create a new story for twine, but I loved that I could have varies endings and it really made the assignment more fun and engaging for me, but I struggled with converting the document.